Thematic Areas

The cluster Diet-Body-Brain consists of six interdisciplinary thematic areas, which are scientifically linked:

  • development of novel methods and technologies for nutritional and behavioural sciences (TA 1)
  • investigate in population-based studies of food intake and food patterns, and brain structure and function across the lifespan (DONALD Study, Rhineland Study, DELCODE Study etc.) (TA 2)
  • conduct dietary intervention studies on the effect of food patterns and polyphenol availability on systemic inflammation and risk markers for neurodegenerative diseases (TA 3)
  • investigate genetic and epigenetic factors as a biological link between food intake and neuro- degeneration (TA 4)
  • identify individual and contextual factors as determinants of food choices (TA5)
  • communicate research results and integrate them into individualized dietary recommendations (TA 6)