DietBB 1st funding Phase

In its 1st funding period, DietBB established a solid research infrastructure, with effective communication channels, interactions, and capacity building activities, and generated evidence concerning associations between diet and cognitive outcomes using human research approaches.

During the 2nd funding period, the cluster will refine its research questions and exploit the resources established during the 1st funding period according to the hypothesized links of diet through the immune system, specific metabolic processes or the gut microbiome on brain health. To ensure the long-term sustainability of DietBB, cluster partners plan measures such as the assurance of long-term data use and access. 

Thematic Area 1: Methods

Thematic Area 2: Cohorts

Thematic Area 3: Interventions

Thematic Area 4: Genetics

Thematic Area 5: Personality factors

Thematic Area 6: Communication