INSIGHT DietBB: Young Scientists on tour

DietBB-Young Scientists visited the Life & Brain Research Center

October 26, 2017

DietBB-Young Scientists visited the GENOMICS platform at the Life & Brain Research Center on the Venusberg in Bonn

What path does a DNA sample go within the LIFE & BRAIN Research Center from arrival of the sample to analysis? The PhD students of the DietBB Cluster were able to experience that by themselves during the retreat on October 19. The GENOMICS platform in the LIFE & BRAIN Research Center is closely linked to the Institute of Human Genetics of the University of Bonn, a partner in the DietBB cluster. For DietBB the scientists analyse the DNA samples, which are obtained in the cooperative observation studies. The gained genetic data is used for various bioinformatic analyses and statistical procedures. The aim of these extensive analyses is to investigate the influence of dietary and lifestyle factors on cognitive performance, and so, to illuminate the interacting genetic factors for the first time. After a brief introduction on genome-wide association studies, Dr. Anne Böhmer showed the young scientists the rooms and laboratories of the Research Center in the same order a biomedical sample would take - from the arrival to the analysis of the DNA. The participants thanked for the informative meeting at the LIFE & BRAIN Research Center - it was fun!