Diet Body Brain Junior Research Group on the DGE Congress 2019

June 03, 2019

About a hundred interested people joined the cluster session at the DGE Congress this year. After a short introduction by the speaker of the competence cluster NutriAct, Prof. Dr. med. Tilman Grune, the junior group leaders talked about their research and the funded groups. The moderation of the minisymposium had the DGE president Prof. Dr. Ulrike Arens-Azevêdo.

For the Diet Body Brain Junior Research Group, Dr. Marie-Christine Simon gave an overview about her group. The junior research group started at the beginning of the year. The influence of commensal microorganisms and their metabolites is analyzed in order to uncover causal connections between the diet, the microbiota, the metabolism and the brain function, and finally to be able to give personalized nutritional recommendations. Simon added that she was looking forward to applications from doctoral students and postdocs.

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