DietBB Seminar Series: Contributions of Cohort Studies: Exploring the Epidemiology, Biology and Significance of Preclinical Disease Markers in Framingham and Beyond

October 07, 2019

Clinicians see the patients who come to them with anxiety, symptoms or signs of disease. But prevention of disease and maintenance of health requires the detection and tracking of the full spectrum of changes in all persons, with and without preclinical disease.

This was recognized 70 years ago by the NHLBI when it set up the Framingham Heart Study, that, as the residents of Framingham proudly proclaim, ‘Changed America’s Heart’. Today, cohorts across the lifespan are coming together in collaborations such as the CHARGE cohorts to understand what genetic, blood, physical, cognitive and imaging changes that occur prior to the onset of dementia and other brain diseases, can teach us about disease biology, prediction, prevention and treatment.

Sudha Seshadri, MD, from Glenn Biggs Institute for Alzheimer’s & Neurodegenerative Diseases, UT Health San Antonio, will talk about the "Contributions of Cohort Studies".

5.00-5.45 pm, followed by an informal Get-together.

Lecture Hall 2 (Hörsaal 2)
Biomedical Center (BMZ)
University Hospital Bonn
Venusberg Campus 1 (Sigmund-Freud-Strasse 25) Building 13

53127 Bonn