DietBB Seminar Series with PD Dr. Burkhard Pleger from Ruhr-University Bochum

June 13, 2022

Neuroimaging of hypothalamic function and structure in obesity

Abstract: Most neuroimaging research of the obese brain is dealing with hedonic food responses and corresponding brain plasticity (e.g., dopamine deficiency syndrome). In my talk, I want to focus rather on energy homeostasis and hence on the involvement of the hypothalamus in different aspects of obesity. To this end, I will start my talk with functional and structural changes of the hypothalamus after bariatric surgery. Following this, I will present evidence of how the hypothalamus regulates emotional well-being in obesity and how pharmacology can change hypothalamic relevance in brain networking.


June 13, 2022
5.00-5.45 pm

Online Event (Zoom)

Meeting-ID: 694 0288 0887 Code: 838676