DietBB Seminar with Marc Y. Donath from University Hospital Basel, Switzerland

March 28, 2022

Inflammation in obesity, diabetes, and related disorders

Morphological and therapeutic interventions have uncovered an inflammatory process in patients with type 2 diabetes. This inflammation is due to a pathological activation of the innate immune system by metabolic stress and is largely governed by IL-1 signaling. Initially, the inflammatory response is probably deployed to promote adaptation and regeneration. Indeed, we identified a role for IL-1β and insulin in the regulation of both metabolism and immunity in response to feeding. Yet, as it becomes chronic, activation of auto-inflammatory processes may then become deleterious. It follows that modulation of inflammatory mediators may present as a possible causal therapy. This is supported by clinical studies showing that IL-1 antagonism decreases glycated hemoglobin. Furthermore, IL-1 antagonism prevents heart failure and cardiovascular diseases and may improve, NASH, retinopathy, nephropathy.


Online event (Zoom)

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