Dietary factors play an important role in cognitive development and cognitive decline across the lifespan, and development of neurodegenerative diseases. Evidence-based dietary recommendations are intended to minimize the risk of chronic diseases in the population. The cluster, Diet – Body – Brain (DietBB), will investigate the relation between dietary factors and the development, maintenance, and decline of cognition across the lifespan. more

DietBB activities

DietBB Seminar Series 2018

Our next talk will take place on March, 19. with Prof. Dr. Britta Renner Department of Psychology Psychological, University of Konstanz
Time and location of the seminar: 17:00-17:45 auditorium XVII, EG, Nußallee 17.

Prof. Dr. Bernd Weber, coordinator of TA5 in DietBB and member of the steering board, University of...

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At the Symposium of Nutrition Research Competence Clusters on 12 and 13 March 2018, the four...

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This was the central question of the first DiebBB seminars of the year 2018. Dr. Filipe De Vadder,...

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