Office of Innovation

The Office of innovation supports the initiation, preparation and realization of innovation of DietBB cluster activities, the dissemination of knowledge generated by DietBB cluster studies, and networking within and beyond the DietBB cluster.

The Office of innovation supports the dissemination of knowledge by coordinating public relations activities and attracting attention for special themes.

  • The Office of innovation organizes and runs BAEN Café events for the DietBB cluster. The events provide a platform for relevant stakeholders to meet, be informed about research activities, and have an informal discussion.
  • Our “Meet the Expert” events based on questions that arise in discussion with potential industrial partners


Dr. Christina Fricke

Office of Innovation

Bonner Agrar- und Ernährungsnetzwerk (BAEN) & Diet-Body-Brain (DietBB)
Institute of Nutritional and Food Sciences,
Nutritional Epidemiology Faculty of Agriculture,
University of Bonn

Meckenheimer Allee 116a
D-53115 Bonn

Ph. +49 228 73 39512
Fax +49 228 73 60492

e-mail: christina.fricke(at)


Office hours: Mon 8:30-16:00, Tue to Thu 8:30-13:00